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Are you someone who has always felt there is something more to life?  Do you have an undying thirst for freedom?  Are you relentless in your pursuit of excellence?  Then Body of Balance Training is specifically designed to provide you with what you have been looking for.


Even though anyone could benefit from the trainings we provide, a certain inner drive, commitment, and fortitude is required.  If you are satisfied with your life, then this process is probably not for you.


If, on the other hand, you are interested in doing The Work to transform the world you live in, then this is the place to start - and you need to start where it counts the most - with you.




Effective training needs to take into account the Body, the Mind, and the Spirit.  To accomplish this we employ a multi-level training system customized to each individual.  Some of the tools we work with are:


Quantum Biofeedback provides harmonic balancing to Body, Mind, and Spirit, while also providing crucial insight into our Unconscious workings.


Homeopathy provides subtle ongoing support to resolve specific issues.


Iridology and Nature provides constitutional adjustments to Body, Mind, and Spirit for those who have programming deeply embedded in their physical bodies.


I Ching Consultations that offer insight into questions that are at the core of our growth, development, and expression.


Ascension Assessments that provide us with a strategic understanding of what we need to focus on in order to maximize our growth potential.



We all have the right to live a life based on our highest potential – as a direct expression of Source.  We have been denied this right through an ‘education’ system that does not provide us with the basics to understand our lives.  Critical information is hidden, left out, or maligned in order to maintain the disconnected state we live in.  But we have the power – we have always had the power – within us to rise above the confusion that that takes years off of our lives and threatens to engulf us.


There is so much we are capable of, but first we must learn who we really are and why we are here in this world at this time.




We base all of our training and work on The Power of Number.  Number is the Core Transmission from Source providing us with the Core Foundation to our training – it allows us to clarify, resolve, and address any concern that might come up.


The Stages of Processing are a thematic presentation of The Power of Number designed to work effectively with our modern world.  We use The Stages to focus our intentions and to organize our work.


Quantum Consciousness Training utilizes The Power of Number channeled through The Stages of Processing to realign our Conscious processing with the requirements of Source.


Foundation Integration (FIT) is a fully integrated process based on The Power of Number that employs The Stages of Processing in conjunction with Quantum Biofeedback and other training tools to naturally realign the structure of who we are with who we are meant to be.


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