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I was at a friend’s house and she told me about a workshop that was happening in her basement that night and would I like to come. Bill was doing this seminar called the 9 Stages of Processing. It was very interesting and enlightening, although I must admit there was a lot I didn’t understand at the time. I would walk away from these classes feeling quite good and energized. I ended up doing the complete series with Bill, and I can say it changed my life.


After each session I would feel amazing for a couple of days and then the feelings would fade. In the beginning I thought that I got a two day benefit, but soon realized that I was integrating the changes that were happening to me. This process took several months so I really didn’t notice the changes in me, but looking back over those months I realized just how much I had grown spiritually. I now realize that these sessions made it possible for much faster growth than I ever would have been able to do before I met Bill.

Daniel C., Longmont

I found that working with Bill has supported me in solidifying more deeply, on all levels, work that I am doing with him and with others on my transformational path, as well as strengthening my physical well being.

Susan M., Therapist, Boulder

One of the things I enjoy most about working with Bill and his Stages of Processing is how his system exposes and resolves issues (physical and non-physical) in part, by simply igniting my awareness. I often don't have to 'work' on an issue, just the awareness and Bill's expertise in utilizing and delivering useful information, brings the issue into a natural process that leads to resolution. This empowers me to live a more fulfilling and engaging life. Bill's unique perspective in creating optimal living works on me and through me, on many different levels.

Many thanks Bill - Grateful in Santa Fe

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