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Foundation Integration Technique - FIT

Find Your Freedom

We are all in a pickle.  No doubt about it.  On the one hand we want the freedom to express ourselves as we truly are; on the other, we want to be protected from what might happen to us.  On the one hand, we are all about the love we are meant to be and to express; and on the other, we are full of fear and paranoia.  What is it that really runs your life?  Is it Love?  Is it Desire?  Is it Fear and Confusion?


The biggest problem is that we often just don’t know what runs our lives.  And that begs the next question:  “How is it that we don’t know.”  Well, that is pretty easy, although it can get pretty messy, we are asleep.  Not the eyes closed, snoring kind, but the sleep walking kind, where we go from place to place, activity to activity not knowing what we are really doing or why.  Oh, we have some kind of story about what we do, but it’s not the real deal.  Generally the better the story, the more integrated and effective you will be.  But, there always comes a point – and it is a point of great fear – where you just don’t know where to go next with your story.  It’s like facing death.




The real issue is that you were never taught the basics of how to construct your being or your life.  We all kind of learned by following the examples of those around us – a true example of the blind leading the blind.  To break out of this cycle of darkness, you have to first become aware that something is amiss; otherwise, you are like Neo in The Matrix before he takes the blue pill and is shocked into reality.  You are living in a dream and feeding the machine.


Becoming aware is the first step in building a foundation to base your life on.  And, the key factor that has been blocked from your awareness is The Power of Number.  We would rarely look to construct a building or complete a project without following the required steps – step by step – because getting it right is what sequencing based on numbers is all about.  And yet, we repeatedly make this mistake in the most important sphere of our existence:  defining who we are and what we do.  We skip steps, bounce willy-nilly from one step to another, and then feel completely confused by the process.  By using Number as the guiding principle, we can establish a strong foundation and correct any weaknesses based on chaotic development.




Foundation Integration Technique utilizes a revolutionary interpretation of Number, The Stages of Processing, to correctly construct the Foundation of your Life and to correct any inconsistencies.  Previously, correcting mistakes required tearing the building down and starting from scratch.  For people with a lot invested in their ‘building’ – their Life Structure – this just wasn’t a viable option.  Now it is possible with an integration of The Stages of Processing and Quantum Biofeedback to restructure your ‘building’ while maintaining your current Life Structure.  There is a natural rearrangement that occurs that correctly aligns you with Source and with your True Nature.

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