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Quantum Consciousness Training

Liberate Your Mind

This is a case of what you don’t know can really hurt you.  Much of how we respond to our environment, social situations, and personal challenges is based on programming in our Unconscious.  Think of this programming as a series of tapes that play automatically whenever a certain switch is flipped.  We don’t know why we respond the way we do, we don’t know why we feel the way we do, but we are very certain of our response.  And if questioned about it, we will defend our response mechanism like our lives depended on it.


Think of times when you have been challenged on an opinion you hold dear.  Or, when your co-worker does something that you just can’t stand.  And then you very simply react without any thought or real feeling, other than anger and an immediate need to dismiss or eliminate the intrusion.  If you honestly look at the situation later, you probably won’t be able to determine why you reacted so strongly.  Of course, you had your reasons – and they are always the same ones.  This is an example of a tape running that determines how you behave without any consideration on your part.  It is all on automatic.  And it is often our loved ones that bear the brunt of this.


Your Mind Is Not Your Own


Yes, your mind is not your own.  Your unconscious mind, that is.   And in all honesty, the size of our Unconscious is far greater than our Conscious.  There is so much in there that we just don’t know.  But we can change that!  Utilizing Quantum Biofeedback we now have a choice.  By giving us insight into our Unconscious processing, we can now choose how to respond (instead of react) and to understand what really motivates us and makes us tick.


Based on the ability of Quantum Biofeedback to establish a dynamic feedback loop with clients, you are able to link to the underlying Unconscious Matrix of who you are and to bring it into Conscious view.  This in itself is a great boon, but the process goes further by using the harmonic balancing tools in Quantum Biofeedback to realign your Unconscious processing to The Power of Number as reflected in The Stages of Processing.  This process is done with full respect for your sovereignty and only with your ongoing permission – you are always in full control of this process.




The Stages of Processing is a modern thematic approach to The Power of Number.  Based originally on the 5 Stages of Function (5 Element Theory) as outlined in ancient Chinese texts, The Stages of Processing was expanded to include the 9 elements of the Enneagram.  For an in-depth discussion on The Stages of Processing, please visit our blog at  You can dive in anywhere but for a sense of the basic organization and principles, you will want to click on the Intro tab at the top of the page.


This process is capable of fully integrating and empowering you to take control of your life and your evolutionary journey.  Quantum not only refers to Quantum Biofeedback, but to the Quantum shifts possible based on aligning with the Numbers.  Each Number is its own Quantic Reality – complete in and of itself.  But as we work through the alignment with the Number, a point is reached of fullness.  At this point there is the potential for a Quantum shift of Consciousness that will transport us into a new view of ourselves and the world we live in.  This is really what is meant by Quantum Consciousness – it is the nature of who we are and our potential to evolve.

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