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The Power of Number

Reclaim Your Spirit

Number plays a defining role in our everyday lives, and yet we hardly pay attention.  It provides the sequence that we follow to get where we are going, and it defines the value we place on getting there. It even defines who we are and tells us when we need to be where.  There is nothing we do that is not directly tied to numbers.


Numbers are the basis of everything we do, think, feel, or experience.  They are the basis for our communication and organization.  The very first words we developed were number words.  Anything that has to do with information is based on number - and everything has to do with information.


Core Transmission


But this is just scratching the surface of what Number is .  Number is the core transmission from Source that is the basis of All That Is.  When we work with numbers (the value symbols 1, 2, 3, . . .),  it is just a faint shadow of the real Power of Number.  To differentiate what I mean by Number, I refer to the essential nature of Number as the Numberness of Number. 


To understand this, just ask yourself. "What is Oneness?".  Well, it is the essential nature of the Number One.  And. to know what that means, all we have to do is to think and feel about the nature of Oneness – and we just know what that is.  The beauty of this is that we will never end up in a debate about Number – we all agree on it, because it is the basis of our existence and who we are.


Number, as the core transmission from Source, breaks out into what you might call bundles of harmonic essences.  Each of these bundles is represented by a particular Number.  We experience these as certain colors, sounds, geometric configurations, and pattern of energy.  Each Number defines a Core Principle that enables Structure, Form, and Life to exist.


Our physical and energetic bodies being expressions of Source are designed with receptors for each of these Number bundles.  We call them chakras or energy centers.  Each chakra is designed to be a receiver and transmitter of a specific Number and all the energies associated with it.




To be Illuminated is to be aligned with Number.  By re-establishing clear connections with the Number transmissions, we can heal, evolve, and transcend.  Clear connections eliminate interference, obstacles, and toxicity from all levels of our Bodies, Minds, and Spirits.  We can achieve clear connections through the Foundation Integration Technique, which employs focused Quantum Biofeedback trainings, customized remedies, and conscious practice of The Stages of Processing.


Spirit is the essence of who you are.  To reclaim it, you first have to know what it is and what it is based on.  Spirit like everything else in Creation is a construct of Number.  So, to reclaim your Spirit is simplicity itself.  All you have to do is to establish your connection to  Number and achor it within you.  Number is The Path and The Way back to your True Self and to Source.


Having a Truly Aligned Core with clear connection to Source is your birthright.


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