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Training Tools

We integrate a variety of modes in order to provide the ultimate in Consciousness Training.

Quantum Biofeedback

We are able to accomplish two things with Quantum Biofeedback:  a direct interface with Conscious and Unconscious processing and the ability to bring these processes into harmonic balance.  When we do this, we also wake up our slumbering connection to Number -- ur essential connection to Source..


Quantum Biofeedback is a sophisticated technique based on advanced scientific principles that promotes a deeper understanding of our Body – Mind – Spirit dynamic.  In this process we are viewed as a complex electrical circuit, and by applying the principles of electrical engineering, we are able to analyze and balance our bodies at many levels.  This is a training, teaching us the path to our greatest potential.


We utilize Homeopathic Remedies and complex Energetic Remedies as ongoing reminders to place our intention on specific concerns.  Repetition is a critical factor in education – particularly when you are working to adjust patterns of habitual processing.  Homeopathy provides a subtle reminder that repeatedly brings our attention back on track and facilitates effective balancing and change.


For hundreds of years, Homeopathy has provided the most effective first approach to resolving issues ranging from the physical to the spiritual.  It employs highly energized subtle remedies that are designed to stimulate a harmonic balancing response.

Iridology and Nature

We work with Iris readings and other Natural components such as herbs, essential oils, diet, body work and exercise when there is a deep ongoing concern that is resistant to more subtle approaches.  Nature teaches and restores and is a part of all of our trainings. 


The iris has over 28,000 nerve terminations creating a graphical representation of the state of the body – much like a computer monitor.  What we see is an ultra-personal mandala that helps us to understand an individual’s sacred relationship to Spirit and Life.  The patterns of the iris help us to understand  imbalances and constitutional concerns.

I Ching Consultations

We work with the I Ching to provide answers to sticky questions when things get stuck.  Using its capabilities as a quantum synchronistic calculator, we are able to gather critical information that provides insight to the problems that block our progress.


The I Ching is the most ancient book of Chinese Taoist wisdom.  Its origins are clouded in prehistory, yet it has continued to develop and penetrate even up to our time.  Based on direct experience of Nature and its effects on Life, it provides ever evolving insight into the workings of reality and wisdom.

Ascension Assessments

In the course of any evolutionary process there comes a critical point of fullness where a decision is required to jump to the next level – this is Ascension.  We use the Ascension Assessments to help us to understand each individual’s path to preparing for and reaching this state


Quantum Biofeedback is used to generate Ascension Assessments based on The Stages of Processing.  The Stages are used as the framework because they are the thematic representation of Number.  This allows us to view our current relationship to Source transmission, and to strategically work towards the fulfillment of our potential.

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