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Welcome to Body of Balance

Moments of Perfection


Each and every one of us has a Body of Balance – it is our natural state; it is who we are meant to be.  There are moments in our lives when we tap into this – I call them moments of perfection – and I have collected them all of my life.


There was one time when I was involved in long distance running that we went for a run by Jewel Lake in Rocky Mountain National Park.  The descent is steep rocky steps interspersed with open flowing hillsides, and I was flowing, flying and laughing as I descended a thousand feet or so.  I will always want to do that again. 


But what the real importance of this was the feeling that was defined by the perfection of the moment.  There are an infinity of ways to access this feeling.  It is always available to us.  We just have to know how to look.  That is what Body of Balance Training is about.


You could be sitting in a Board Room or out there on the trail or cooking dinner for your family, and all you have to do is look.  But it is the quality of the looking that is important.  It requires a refined sense of presence and the understanding of where you truly stand in the world.


The Search


For over 30 years I have researched and tested and developed systems that enable me to fully appreciate and engage in what I do.  What I have found is that what really matters is your connection to Source.  And the best way I have found to connect to Source is Number.  Number eliminates all of the subjectivity and associated interference that slips its way into evolutionary processes. Number simply is -- and by just being, it shows a definitive path to our True Selves and to our Destiny.


The Stages of Processing is my thematic presentation of Number designed to make Number accessible and practical for application in today’s world.  Originally inspired by my wish to understand the difficulty that many people have with making decisions, and why that was not addressed in the original 5 Stages of Function from ancient Chinese texts.  Somehow we were expected to jump from Resolution right into Action, and that was almost always too much.  Witness the jokes about New Year’s resolutions.  Something was missing.


I ask you to join me in the discovery of what was missing and what it means to find it.


Bill Fanning, CBI HTC RWC MIr


Quantum Biofeedback Specialist and Instructor for 10 years

Outdoor Education Instructor for 10 years

Master Iridologist for 5 years

Entrepreneur for 30 years

Information Technology and ServicesI for 12 years

Inspired by Number for ever

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