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Body of Balance-Eseential Evolution



Quantum Consciousness
Quantum Consciousness

Liberate Your Mind

Are you clear about your life and what you are doing?  Are you organized and efficient?  What would it be like if you felt truly connected to what you are doing?  When you become clear about your life's purpose, everything begins to drop into place.


Quantum Consciousness Training provides a unique opportunity to unlock the secrets of Who You Are.  By employing a staged process based on Universal Principles and supported by Quantum Biofeedback, you are able to access new states of consciousness.  Things previously unseen come into view, and you find yourself with new found ease when facing difficult situations.

quantum consciousness  foundation integration

The Power of Number

The Power of Number

Reclaim Your Spirit

Is there Joy in your life?  Is there passion and a sense of purpose?  Or, do you find yourself wondering. "Who am I?  Really?"   And does life keep on happening to you, while you know something is missing?  When you become aware of this, you are faced with the real question – how to reclaim what you have lost – your Spirit.


What you need is a map - a Map of Consciousness that shows you how to find the way back home to your Spirit.  And Number is this map.  By following the map laid out by Number step by step, you can reconnect the lost cords of who you are and return to the Joy you were meant to live in.

Foundation Integration Technique
Foundation Integration Technique

Find Your Freedom

Are you free to express the person you are meant to be?  Or are you caught in a web of ‘shoulds’?  Do you want to shake loose of your restraints and dance under the stars?   Or howl at the moon?  Whatever it might be?


The key to real freedom is learning to first master your boundaries - the forces that define the ‘architecture’ of who you are.   When you construct a building – or step out on your quest for freedom – you always want to start with a firm foundation.  Foundation Integration Technique provides you with the drawings, the tools, and the organization that enable you to find your freedom.

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